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Over 57 years experience

Animal Specialties was first established in 1964!. Importing and exporting herps to Zoos & Universities worldwide.

We have been breeding Australian Inland Bearded Dragons sinxe 2004

Starting with only high end morphs like Sandfire Dragons& Bright Colors, distinct patterns, unique morphs

Creating new morphs - Genetic Animal Specialties Straight Stripped (GASSS) & Pied Dragons !!

We began selective breeding for Straight Stripped in 2007 and now have a morph that is ruller straight.
The Pied Dragons showed up one day in our Straight Stripped line. It seems to be linked to GASSS and the Trans genes.

Original & Excellent Quality

We only breed & offer the top of the line herps, live foods, & herp products.

Free & Fast Shipping

We ship live Herps NextDay FedEx, live foods Second Day FedEx, and products by ground FedEx

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We offer easy and secure payment through Paypal, which also accepts most credit cards

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