Mission Statement

Animal Specialties Inc. is a "state of the art" farm for the selective breeding of live reptiles, amphibians, and feeder insects. All of our live stock are housed in a controlled environment facility. Each species is raised with temperatures, humidity, and foods unique to their needs.

Our animal care workers tend to their needs daily, seven days a week.

All of the animals we offer for sale are captive breed on our farm. Any new breeding stock which we acquire are quarantineed for several months to assure that no diseases are introduced into our facility.

All new species are kept by us for several years before being introduced to the public. We strive to understand the specific husbandry of these new species, so that we can pass it on to the public for their proper care.

It is our mission to provide healthy, interesting and appropriate reptiles and amphibians for resale to the public as pets. We are not in the "Exotic" animal business, but in the "pet" business. We offer only those species which make good pets and which do not require extreme measures to keep in the average household. We beleive that a preferred pet is one that is modest in size, attractive, easy to house and feed, and anthropomorphic so that the owner can bond with their pet. We do this in the hope of promoting a positive view and understanding of live reptiles and amphibians.


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Animal Specialties Inc

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